Level 2 Introduction To Counselling Skills

The next Introduction to Counselling Course is planned for

September 2020

(Application Process Closed at Present)

Places will only be offered after completion of the application form and a successful telephone interview.

You will need to use the following website (adult learning website)


Once there:-

- Type 'counselling' into Course Name Filter;

- Choose certificated course (there will be more than one counselling course on there - you will need to choose the more expensive one - this is certificated - the other course(s) aren't);

- Follow the instructions and pay.

Acceptance onto the course is subject to satisfying course criteria and a telephone chat with me.

The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to counselling skills for those who want to learn initial counselling skills to help and support others, either in a voluntary or employed capacity. It will not teach you to become a counsellor but it may help you to develop skills as a helper and assist in deciding whether you wish to proceed onto further courses and train as a counsellor.


Length of Course
10 weeks 


Course Start Date


Course Day


Course Times


Course Location



Course Attendance
90% minimum

Minimum Age
18 years

Entry Requirements

  • There is a lot of writing in this course so Level 2 (GCSE A-C) in Literacy (or equivalent) is needed. If you don’t have this level of literacy but would like to do the course, you may be asked to do a short, written piece as part of your application

  • A willingness to discuss thoughts and feelings with others as part of a group, 1-2-1 with other students and tutors and in writing;

  • A willingness to give feedback to and receive feedback from others in the group;

  • Be committed to exploring your own values, beliefs and attitudes and examining how you relate to other people;

  • Be committed to the learning process and completing the necessary homework to fulfil the requirements of the course;

  • If you are experiencing any current emotional or psychological problems then you will not be accepted onto the course;

  • If you are currently experiencing any significant life events, then you may not be accepted onto the course. 

  • Ability to use a computer (word processing and sending emails) and access to a printer to print work for portfolio. 

Course Content
A large part of the course is experiential learning and observation and involves a commitment to personal development/developing self-awareness.

The course contains the following units:-

1. Using basic counselling skills within the limits of a helping role;

2. Establishing a helping interaction;

3. Communicating understanding of other person’s concerns;

4. Focusing on the person’s agenda;

5. Understanding the importance of self-awareness in helping work;

6. Using different types of listening and responding skills in a helping interaction;

7. Using review and feedback to evaluate helping skills.



You will produce a written portfolio of work, which documents evidence of your learning, a record of your personal development and a collection of evidence to support CPCAB criteria outlined in the Candidate Learning Record (CLR). Successful completion of the course is dependent upon the completion of this portfolio.


Additional Study Time

2-3 hours a week (this may be dependent upon the student). It is important to think about how you will fit this course into your daily life, making sure that you consider your employment, family commitments, health issues etc. 



This is a stand-alone introductory course but progression is available on to the CPCAB Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills that is currently offered by NCCS.


£225 full fee (For those who are not in receipt of benefits or have already received a remitted fee in the same term)


£109.50 remitted fee (Entitlement of a reduction in your course fee if you receive any of the following benefits: Jobseekers Allowance  [contribution and income based], Employment Support Allowance [ESA]. Working Tax Credit, Income Support, Concil Tax/Housing Benefit, Guaranteed Pension Credit, Incapacity Benefit [including severe disability allowance], Disability Living Allowance). To claim a remitted fee, you must provide evidence that you are in receipt of the benefit.

Both fees include £50 registration with CPCAB and certificate.

Feedback From Recent Courses

"Great course, great tutor. Very satisfied with the whole learning experience and the journey"

Introduction to Counselling Student

I am so happy, so relieved and so grateful for your amazing words and your teaching throughout the course. I have learnt so much and I am so grateful for the positive difference you have made during this learning experience".

Introduction to Counselling Student

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